31 December 2012

Day 365

It brightened my day when:
J: we had a visit from our previous landlord and his whole family
K: P and G were so happy to be watching the fireworks with us out on the balcony and said how fantastic it was to see
P: H spent the entire afternoon with me playing football to celebrate the Redskins big win against the Cowboys
J: all our visitors and P an G told me how wonderful my home-made fudge was
H: my brother played football with me outside all afternoon even when it got dark!

30 December 2012

Day 364

It brightened my day when:
J: P entertained the kids so I could work on my paper
K: P cleaned out the bottom of our kitchen trashcan--totally brightened my day!
P: P went to the store to try and find something to build me a bookshelf with
J: the lady at the store asked me if I could help her with something because she thought I worked there
H: Daddy told mommy she should see me throw the football

29 December 2012

Day 363

It brightened my day when:
J: G told me I did well with my road trip plan today
K: the artist at the gallery was so informative and engaging as we were asking so many questions
P: J played a Hunger Games game with me during our road trip today and not once did she complain
J: P volunteered to sit in the back seat on our road trip in place of me
H: P sat in the back seat with me and played games with me

28 December 2012

Day 362

It brightened my day when:
J: everyone willingly listened to me read my rough draft in the car to them
K: I woke up early, came downstairs and the coffee was ALREADY made....by P!!!
P: the little older couple were smiling at our family while we were having our picture taken
J: the whole family laughed at my stories at dinner time
H: mommy carried me for a little bit because I was tired of walking

27 December 2012

Day 361

It brightened my day when:
J: the family went out so I could peacefully work on my paper
K: P drove the car so I could be a passenger and relax!
P: P commented on how well I was doing at making baskets
J: everyone watched me try on my clothes and commented on what they thought about them
H: P got us pizza for supper

26 December 2012

Day 360

It brightened my day when:
J: L woke up before me and grinded and brewed the coffee
K: the lady at the store was kind enough to help me return my items without a hassle
P: P took us to the hardware store to find lumber to help us build our fort
J: M and G took me with them to the store
H: P built us a fort

25 December 2012

Day 359

It brightened my day when:
J: my f-i-law spent a good part of his day helping me put together the kids new basketball hoop
K: we received a text from an old friend of ours
P: daddy helped me get my game working
J: G made a lot of our favorite foods for our Xmas dinner
H: I received my presents

24 December 2012

Day 358

It brightened my day when:
J: the young kid at the store went above and beyond to help us make a decision on a product
K: P stopped over to wish us all a merry xmas
P: daddy and H went outside to play football all afternoon with me
J: P told mommy and G how well I handled the communication for him at the store
H: daddy and P played football with me all day

23 December 2012

Day 357

It brightened my day when:
J: my ex-student came up to me in the mall to say hello and tell me what she has been doing for the past 2 years
K: P treated us to the most delicious Indian meal and G made the most incredible cabbage dish for us to go along with it
P: a friend of mine came up to me at the mall and wished us all a merry Christmas
J: P got me a frappucino from Starbucks
H: P asked me if he could play football with me (inside)

22 December 2012

Day 356

It brightened my day when:
J: my family came out to see our group's concert
K: the dvd man sent me an email checking to see if the dvd player was doing alright and to see if we were pleased with it
P: W, my friend showed up to come sit with me at my dad's concert
J: S made a face at us while he was up performing at the concert
H: W played with me at the concert

21 December 2012

Day 355

It brightened my day when:
J: the group asked me to make an announcement in French
K: the lady at BV helped me find the correct word in French I was searching for
P: the end of the world did not occur!!!
J: my teacher announced to us that we were going to be watching a movie during class
H: my friend said bonne fete to me when I was leaving school

20 December 2012

Day 354

It brightened my day when:
J: everyone came to support the school drama club
K: J found the Hungarian couple who were selling our favorite Hungarian sugar/cinnamon dessert and he bought us all some
P: my friend found me and asked me to sit next to him during the play
J: P/G and everyone came to the play and I sat next to us
H: the couple gave us a free Hungarian cinnamon dessert

19 December 2012

Day 353

It brightened my day when:
J: L helped read over one of my letters I was writing
K: M and her family brought such a thoughtful gift to us
P: G asked H and I to ice the cake for mommy
J: G asked me to bake the cake for mommy
H: G asked me to put all the icing on the cake

18 December 2012

Day 352

It brightened my day when:
J: the kids asked if we could listen to Tony K on the way to hockey
K: P drove H to school for me today and H was happy to have him do it
P: a girl at school I don't even know let me borrow her calculator
J: mommy asked how my test went and she was so excited when I said very well
H: P and G came to my hockey practice tonight

17 December 2012

Day 351

It brightened my day when:
J: got word that the plane had landed safely
K: I received a phonecall from P saying they were on their way
P: we came home and saw P and G smiling through the windows with santa hats on
J: we saw P and G at our house as a great surprise (even though I knew it)
H: P and G were in the car pretending to be a delivery truck so they could surprise me

16 December 2012

Day 350

It brightened my day when:
J: the cashier was so overly helpful at the store
K: J mowed the yard for the kids to be able to play in and so the house would look extra nice for our guests
P: daddy mowed the yard so we could play football better
J: J and K let me sleep in until 11
H: P asked if I wanted to go get dressed to play football outside

15 December 2012

Day 349

It brightened my day when:
J: the boys were so excited to throw the ball around today with me
K: H smiled at us from the stage while singing in his concert
P: H's friends were so happy to see me and they all ran up to me just to say hi
J: mommy and daddy let us spend the night at L and L's
H: everyone clapped so loud after we sang our Christmas songs at our concert

14 December 2012

Day 348

It brightened my day when:
J: the parents told me my french was coming along
K: the friend of P brought him down to meet me even though it was pouring rain
P: G invited to his house after school and we worked so well on our project and his little sister was so sweet
J: mommy took us out to S as a surprise supper
H: mommy and made truffles and she told me I was such a great truffle maker

13 December 2012

Day 347

It brightened my day when:
J: the kids in K's online class asked if I would come speak to them because they wanted to ask me how I was doing
K: the little boy in moyen ran up to me to tell me one of the petit kids were crying and they needed me
P: the surveillant was so friendly with us
J: I told me she loved my tortilla roll-ups I made even though they were a bit spicy for her
H: mommy brought me raspberries for my snack

12 December 2012

Day 346

It brightened my day when:
J: P and J said how much they loved MUN
K: M was so excited to decorate the cookies we worked on together
P: daddy said he was so impressed with my trumpet skills
J: mommy said I was the best baker she knew
H: J let me help her make the cookies